Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ever since we moved to our farm six years ago, we have been taking in guinea pigs, so I decided to make it "official" in January of 2008. After meeting others who do rescue in other counties, I found that Oswego County had a need for guinea pig rescue; most shelters do NOT take guinea pigs, as they are busy dealing with dogs and cats. I have drawn up my nonprofit paperwork, but my husband has received a potential job offer at Duke University in North Carolina, so right now I'm in "nonprofit limbo," waiting to see if I should file the paperwork. We do not solicit donations, and any donations we do get are appreciated, but at this time are not tax-deductible. Our main concern is caring for guinea pigs that are being given up for any number of reasons, from allergies to moving to financial distress. These animals deserve a loving home, and any guinea pig that does not get adopted will live out his/her days at our residence. We evaluate every animal that comes in for temperament, illness, age, etc. to determine if it will be available for adoption or not.

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