Sunday, August 7, 2011


Again, I apologize for my laziness with this is an update of what's been happening the last week and a half:
BLANCHE has someone coming out to meet her this afternoon. I took her and Herman to the Canine Carnival yesterday and handed out some applications, but no one got adopted that day.
HERMAN is still available. He is fine being a bachelor now, although he could possibly be a companion for another male.
BOXIE is living with Joe after Moe died. Joe is very old, and has accepted Boxie as a companion, so at this point Boxie is still listed as available, but I think they may be bonding. Boxie could also be a companion for another male as he is still quite young.
We did get some donations at the Canine Carnival and let a lot of people know that we exist and can either help out or offer up guinea pigs for adoption. We look forward to attending next year!

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