Thursday, August 11, 2011


We just got word yesterday that Buttercup, who had gone to her third adoptive home, suddenly passed away with no signs of illness. She was one of our worst neglect cases and had a spunky personality; we are so sorry she is gone.
Blanche got adopted the day after the Canine Carnival.
Herman is still available but may be adopted late next week by Buttercup's previous owner.
Rodney and Buttons have returned after their second adopter was forced to move to a small apartment that had no room for a 2x3 CC cage. I will be taking new pics of them soon and posting them for adoption; this time I would like them to go to a PERMANENT home.
We are still waiting to hear from Juan's pending adopter, who has been out of the country but has filled out her application and come to see Juan once already.

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