Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7/6/2011 Update

We have been quite busy the last few days. Friday, we picked up three female guinea pigs; they ended up getting adopted just two days later. I'm glad we were able to keep them all together!
There has been someone interested in Juan; she came out to meet him Monday. She is going to S. Africa to do an animal research project; when she returns, Juan will be going home with her! She also generously donated 20 pounds of guinea pig pellets and a few bags of treats.
We may also have another person interested in Bo. Hopefully she is coming out sometime this weekend, although things are getting busy with summer in full gear. This Sunday is Amanda's Bon Voyage picnic before she leaves for Europe on July 17, and we have to drive to Cortland. We also need to catch up on farm chores like cleaning out the barn stalls, so we are going to be busy!
I am also taking in FOUR male piggies of assorted ages from someone on Facebook. If you know anyone who would like a pair, most of them are quite young and I don't want to break them up completely. There is a father and his three sons.

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