Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We are leaving for our last family summer vacation soon, so I will not be updating the blog until I get back. I do have someone coming out tomorrow to look at a single male who will be a companion for another male, but for now adoptions, etc. will be on hold until we get back.
We have a housesitter staying to care for the animals, and I've been busy preparing things so that they are easier on her. Rocky and Rascal have been moved into a wider cage (same length) and put back on shavings for the time being (their fleece needs to be changed about every 3-4 days, the shavings won't be quite so bad while we're gone). I will be washing the rest of the fleeces tomorrow and possibly putting Foofer and Gobbles on shavings while we're gone. It's going to be enough of a challenge feeding and watering 31 guinea pigs; I don't expect our sitter to clean cages as well.
Almond is getting used to having a bit more attention; Dora and Joslin are still quite nervous but the girls have been handling them frequently. Our latest addition is Newman, but because we just got him I don't plan on putting him up for adoption yet. His previous owners were very concerned about finding him a good home, so he may become our next permanent resident.
We finally started picking fresh carrots from the garden..some are still a bit small, but the guinea pigs love to eat both the tops and the roots. I've stocked up on Romaine and carrots and will fill a big bag with dandelion greens before we go.

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  1. Have a nice vacation. You seem to take on a lot of them as permanent residents, you should change your name to Sanctuary/Rescue like Christina :) We have new guys too, but some are going out as well. If you need any help with the site, let me know.