Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adopted! Foxy and Roxy

Well, after about two years of trying to get these two girls adopted, they finally went to a new home in Ithaca yesterday afternoon. They were not too happy about getting one last nail trim but it had to be done!
I have seen quite a few guinea pigs on Craigslist again, but I have decided to slow things down as far as taking them in. This is in part because I get mixed reactions when I tell people I am a rescue; some are thrilled, some are suspicious and/or don't want their guinea pigs readopted out. This is understandable; some of the guinea pigs I take in do end up going on to new homes, but the adopters are carefully screened and must fill out an application with references. I also follow up one week after adoption with either an email or phone call to see how things are going.
So, if you know anyone who needs to surrender a guinea pig, or wants to adopt one, send them my way! (If they are in the Oneida area, or want to see other guinea pigs, please refer them to CNY Piggies...their link is on this site).

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