Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breakdown of Expenses

Here is an approximation of what we spend per week on our guinea pigs:
4 heads of Romaine @ 1.99 each=7.96
15 lb. carrots @ 2.99/5 lb. bag=8.97
3 lb. apples= about 3.00 (whatever is on sale)
3 cucumbers, ONLY if on sale=1.98
timothy hay=(depends on size of bag and where I buy it..anywhere from 6 to 9 dollars)
pine shavings, one bale per week=6.00
Blue Seal pellets, 50 lb. bag=about 9.00 per week (we buy one every other week)
This comes out to just about $42 per week, or $168 per month. I'm not sure how much we spend on laundry detergent and utilities just for the fleeces we wash. I guess the point is that we are happy to get ANY donations, no matter how small. Whenever we adopt out some guinea pigs, we almost always end up getting more, so we can always use a little help!

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