Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lotus Not Out of the Woods

So, Lotus ended up getting spayed..her prolapse was the vagina/uterus, not her rectum as I had originally thought. We had hoped the spay would put an end to all her problems, but just two days later, I found she had prolapsed AGAIN, so we went back to the vet on Saturday. We are now trying Prep H as she seems to have some type of chronic inflammation similar to irritable bowel syndrome. We are keeping her clean with short baths, putting the cream on her twice a day, and keeping her fleece bedding VERY clean.
Most likely tomorrow we will be getting a 6-7 year old male guinea pig named Zach whose family is moving to a place that does not accept pets. Obviously, that is pretty old for a guinea pig, so I offered to take him and give him a permanent home here, as he is too old to adopt back out.
Again, I apologize for being behind and letting the Facebook page eat up more of my time than I had planned. I just wanted to let everyone know what's happening with Lotus..and as much as I had hoped she would be adoptable someday, I have a feeling she will need to stay with us to continue receiving the care she needs.

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