Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! Update...

So here's what's been going on: AJ went to her new home yesterday. I removed the barrier inside the Brats' large cage, so everyone has free run again..they are all happy to have their space back without anyone fighting!
That being said, I plan on introducing our new female, Maya, to the group as soon as I clean out the cage. Maya is a young (under a year) rust-colored, self-crested female. I have taken pictures and will have her on here soon; she is very calm and healthy and would make a great companion for someone.
Olive's adoption is pending; an application has been put in and she will be leaving us sometime after Jan. 9 as a companion for another older guinea pig.
Lastly, we hate to bring any sad news, but Frosted passed away two nights ago. He was older, and had started losing weight..when he stopped eating the day before his death, we figured his time was almost done, and he passed peacefully during the night. He left behind a good-sized cage, but for now it's sitting empty...I just don't have the heart to put anyone else in it right now. :(

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